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Below you can find problems from the current active rounds, as well as past rounds.

Round 2

Start date May 1, 2017 14:00 CET , end date May 26, 2017 14:00 CET.
Challenge problem is worth maxPointsForProblem=6 points.
Formula for calculating points from score for challenge problem is:
maxPointForProblem * (1 - (1 - minimalScore / score)0.3)

Problem Solved Submit
Akame Solved 26 times Round in progress
Arrow Solved 31 times Round in progress
Line Sweep Solved 35 times Round in progress
Mine and Tree Solved 31 times Round in progress
Primitive Pythagorean Pairs Solved 12 times Round in progress
Periodic Function Solved 5 times Round in progress
Travelling Knight Solved 2 times Round in progress
Delivery Game Solved 40 times Round in progress
[Challenge] Lawnmower Solved 43 times Round in progress
Terminus Est Solved 24 times Round in progress

Round 1

Start date April 1, 2017 14:00 CET, end date April 26, 2017 14:00 CET

Problem Solved Submit
Amusement Park Solved 106 times Round finished
City Major Solved 43 times Round finished
FF's Divisors Solved 150 times Round finished
Game with Psycho Solved 113 times Round finished
Homework with Fibonacci Solved 64 times Round finished
I am a Good Sublist Solved 74 times Round finished
Legend of Heta Solved 76 times Round finished
Maximum Child Sum Solved 62 times Round finished
On Time Solved 65 times Round finished
Sauron's Army Solved 125 times Round finished

Round 0

Start date March 25, 2017 14:00 CET, end date March 27, 2017 14:00 CET.
Points from this round are not counted in the overall results.

Problem Solved Submit
Product Solved 32 times Round finished
Sort Solved 40 times Round finished
Sum Solved 54 times Round finished
Z-Tomato Solved 21 times Round finished