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About Bubble Cup

Bubble Cup is an international team coding competition aimed at university and high school students. It is a coding contest started by Microsoft Development Center Serbia in 2008 with a purpose of creating a local competition similar to the ACM Collegiate Contest, but soon that idea was overgrown and the vision was expanded to attract talented programmers from the entire region and promote the values of communication, companionship and teamwork. Since Bubble Cup 10 (2017), Bubble Cup is being organized by Petlja Foundation. The competition consists of two parts – two online qualifying rounds in the spring and the final round in Belgrade in September.

Bubble Cup is powered by Microsoft Development Center Serbia

Microsoft Development Center Serbia is founded in 2005, as the fourth development center of Microsoft on the global level. MDCS specializes in software engineering and applied mathematics and currently employs more than 250 highly qualified engineers. MDCS is created with a mission to take an active part in conception of novel Microsoft technologies by hiring unique local talent from Serbia and to contribute components to some of Microsoft’s premiere and most innovative products. MDCS is becoming widely recognized across Microsoft as a center of excellence for the Big Data and Machine Learning based solutions. The MDCS’s team consists of software engineers with solid industry experience and fresh college graduates with a common trait – hunger for achieving and making a substantial impact. MDCS teams are made of people who understand and support each other and work in the atmosphere where each and every one of them is presented with an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

Bubble Cup is organized by Petlja Foundation

The Petlja Foundation was founded with an aim of promoting and improving algorithmic literacy in Serbia. We believe that understanding algorithms, alongside the ability of algorithmic expression, is a fundamental skill that everybody needs to have. Our goal is to make programming accessible to everyone – children and their parents, students and their teachers, inquisitive technology enthusiasts and everybody else with a goal to acquire a new skill crucial for their personal and professional development. We're also providing support for programming competitions because we believe that those who are talented for programming need to recognize and nurture their talent and we find programming competitions to be an excellent incentive for improving programming skills.

Bubble Cup is co-organized by BlackBox and Information Society of Serbia

BlackBox is a multidisciplinary creative agency with a focus on brand & design development, with a mission to be the partner in integrated brand communications. The new perspective means to walk with clients as a partner.

Information Society of Serbia is an association for information systems and computer networks. It is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization that gathers both experts in ICT and representatives of local IT companies. This association promotes modern technologies, disseminates information, news and trends in this field. It organizes symposiums, conferences and various forms of trainings and educating activities. Members of the Society are IT experts from business, academic and scientific environment, as well as experts from the state administration.